This is Why You Need to Train Your Dog

Training your dog means exercise, discipline, playtime and affection and it should commence from the moment your puppy joins your family. Whilst you are training your dog you’ll notice that you will experience an inner calming which is a sign that you will become a confident leader for your dog. You must remain consistent in every aspect and you will find that controlling your K9 will be a much easier task than you ever imagined.

Right from the outset, successfully training your dog will be governed by how committed you are as you play the role of leader whilst establishing boundaries. Your ability to give your puppy affection and praise at the appropriate moments will ensure a happy, secure and confident dog.


The first training step is to establish and maintain the role you are going to play for the lifetime of the dog. You are its playmate and its friend but first and foremost you are its leader. When you have ascertained this position, you will have enabled the understanding and expectation of your dog. He will now see you as the leader who fulfils his needs; just as the alpha in a natural pack of dogs does.

You will teach him to understand his position in your house and he will depend on your for guidance. To begin let him know there are boundaries and as you place those boundaries show your dog where he can physically go and where he must not enter.

Using food as a reward is recreating what the pack leader would do when he is determining which dog should eat first. Your dog inherently understands this and will respect your commands. It is a good idea to encourage your dog to sit still while receiving his reward if you’re training him and also whilst you are placing his food before him. Encouraging him to sit down to receive his meal or treat has significant representation to your dog.


Always ensure your dog receives adequate exercise for without it, just like children, he can become bored. Unspent energy plus boredom spells misbehaviour and is in a lot of cases, inescapable. Walking your dog briskly each day for about an hour, longer if you can afford the time, is sufficient to ward off the boredom and keeps his mind and spirit active. Walking is the perfect opportunity to polish any leadership issues you and your dog might have too.

Keep your K9 beside or just behind you whilst you’re training to walk on a leash. In a natural dog pack, the alpha always walks in front. If your puppy is walking in front of you, gently pull him back into line otherwise the message you’re relaying is that he is in charge, not you.

Remember always, the cognitive differences between you and your dog are distant, so you must take your time and be patient whilst training him. If he makes a mistake, focus and gently correct him. If he tries to take the lead whilst you’re walking, stop. Stand still and put him back beside you and then try again.

Patience is your friend. You’ll more than likely need to repeat this action a few times, but he’ll get the message and when he does, you’ll have a dog who walks beside you like a friend.


Dogs love to please their owners. Your puppy is no exception. Whilst you’re training him to walk, he’s going to find his social skills and he’s going to be meeting and greeting other dogs and people in the park.

These skills are important and as your dog associates people as friendly beings when visitors come to your home, it is essential that your dog not to overwhelm your guests by jumping at them. Teaching your dog manners is as easy as teaching children. Remember the little reward is always an incentive for your dog to behave.

On the other hand, if your dog is unsure of strangers place him behind a gateway in full view of the entering guests and allow him to watch what is going on before him. Dogs require space to escape so if he is not interested and is overwhelmed by the new arrivals, allow him to go into a room where he can settle down.

Your Reward

The more time you invest in training your dog the more communicative rewards you will enjoy between you. You’re reinforcing security for him and social acceptance for all concerned whilst giving your dog the love and attention he needs and you’ll both be rewarded with for years to come.

As mentioned earlier, your dog wants nothing more than to please you. Patience is key and gentleness with a firm hand is as vital as air. The reward thereafter will be a relation built on love, understanding, and loyalty.